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The Wekiva River is a National treasure. This river boasts beautiful vistas and unique ecosystems.

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Help us protect this amazing river so we can all enjoy the river for many more years to come!

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The Wekiva Basin is filled with gorgeous flora and fauna.

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Since 1982 the Friends of the Wekiva River have worked to protect, preserve, and restore the natural functions and beauty of the Wekiva River system. As a result of our leadership and the cooperation of our river partners, the Wekiva is designated a Florida Outstanding Water, a Florida Canoe Trail, a Florida Wild and Scenic River, and a National Wild and Scenic River with over 70,000 acres of state-protected lands in the basin. Despite this ample recognition, the Wekiva River and its fragile ecosystem face numerous threats.

These include the fragmentation and loss of habitat, declines in spring flow, degradation in water quality, and wildlife mortality on the roads. read more.

Special Program at October 2 Monthly Meeting

Choosing Our Legacy:
Amendment 1 at 7:00 p.m.

Markham Woods Seventh-Day Adventist Church at  505 Markham Woods Rd., Longwood. Free. Open to the public.

Around the world, Florida is known for its unique natural treasures like the Wekiva River Basin. Our springs, rivers, lakes, beaches, and coastal waters are the beautiful face our state presents to attract visitors, new residents and businesses, and what makes Florida our home. Unfortunately, the postcard version of Florida is threatened. After years of neglect, rivers with green toxic algae blooms, polluted springs and unhealthy waterways are marring the face of our state.

 In November, the most voters in Florida will make the biggest conservation decision of their lifetime. For the future of our state, and



our beloved Wekiva River Basin, we hope they will vote wisely. If you are not familiar with Amendment 1, or would like more information so you will be an informed voter we hope you will attend our 1-hour program on October 2. Details are below.

Choosing Our Legacy: Understanding Amendment 1 will be the topic of the presentation sponsored by the Friends of the Wekiva River and the Wekiva Wilderness Trust. Pam Meharg, Seminole County Volunteer Coordinator of Florida's Land and Water Legacy campaign will explain how the Florida Water and Land Conservation Amendment will protect Florida's environment and economy.

 The presentation will be followed by a question and answer session. Details or 407-415-0705.


Saturday, October 18, 2014
10:30 AM
Wildflower and Butterfly hike in Wekiwa Springs State Park.
Round trip hike of approximately 2 miles in the Sandhill Habitat.
Suitable for all ages.
Cost: $6.00 for vehicles (up to 8 passengers)
Contact:Weegie Henry    407-341-9025

The Wekiva River

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Next Board Meeting/ Date change:
October 2, 2014 at 6 p.m .
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The Friends of Wekiva River have been working closely with the Rotary Club of Seminole County South to form the Wekiva River Promise. The project is to educate on the effects of nitrates and promote personal stewardship to ensure the enjoyment of the River for years to come!
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